Main Product:

Manufacture gas switch, ignition, water heaters, BBQ grill accessories, gas fittings, thermostat switch camping equipment, heaters, air conditioning switch, fireplace switch, metal parts, with professionals and equipment and certified by the Germany TÜV

About ISH Frankfurt 2021:

ISH Frankfurt is considered the most essential trade fair for all business partners to get first-hand products and systems about water and energy in buildings such as the household heating system, bathroom design, and air-conditioning technology. ISH Frankfurt attracts almost over 2,500 exhibitors to demonstrate their intelligent home systems every time, making a decisive contribution to energy-efficient and resource-friendly building systems.

ISH can basically depart in two aspects - ISH water and ISH energy. Both water and energy are the most important topics nowadays, and ISH offers a venue to display the latest trends in intelligent building technology. As one of Taiwan's leading gas valves manufacturers, Grand Mate will attend ISH Frankfurt 2021 from 22th to 26th, March, displaying our water heater gas control valve components, gas fireplace electronic ignition kit, water heater pilot assembly, and final products like water heaters. Welcome to visit us in ISH Frankfurt 2021!